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Catalytic Reforming Solutions 
We specialize in custom catalytic reforming solutions and systems for the energy and petrochemical industries.
NOVOROCS R & D engineers and scientists work directly with customers to develop, test, optimize, and implement catalytic solutions that address unique technical challenges. NOVOROCS works closely with the , Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, the largest research institution in the world dedicated to catalysis, as part of an ongoing partnership aimed at commercializing state-of-the-art catalytic technologies.
The NOVOROCS Onsite Flare Gas Reformer system is a transportable trailer based unit designed for stranded oil wells. The system eliminates flaring of associate petroleum gas by converting it to clean pipeline quality natural gas for use in natural gas generators, fuel cells, gas turbines, and the production of compressed or liquefied natural gas. An alternative application is syngas production from flare gas for Fischer-Tropsch and other gas-to-liquid technologies.
The NOVOROCS natural gas reformer sets are multi-use plug and play natural gas reforming reactors for product developement, reserach, testing, teaching and demonstrations. The NOVOROCS reformer sets are the perfect prefabricated reactors for professors, graduate students and researchers designing reactor systems without fabrication and welding facilities.
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