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NOVOROCS Technologies exhibits at the 2017 NY-BEST Annual Energy Storage Technology Conference in Rochester, NY. The annual event brings together industry representatives, policy makers and academia for an open discussion of challenges, strategies and solutions in the energy storage industry. As a member organization of the NY-BEST consortium, NOVOROCS featured its fuel processing and recuperative combustion line of products. el cell systems for next-generation hybrid fuel cell electric vehicles.
Dr. Pavel Snytnikov has been selected to present his research on Hydrogen Production from Oxygen-Containing Organic C1 Compounds for Low- and High- Temperature PEM Fuel Cells at the upcoming 2017 Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition in Long Beach, California. For over 40 years, the Fuel Cell Seminar has been the foremost networking event for fuel cell industry professionals, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders. Dr. Snytnikov’s poster presentation will focus on recent developments at NOVOROCS Technologies on several low cost and robust multi-functional catalysts for reforming prospective high energy density liquid fuels such as DME, DMM and methanol into syngas. Such novel catalysts are an important step in creating affordable and reliable automotive fuel cell systems for next-generation hybrid fuel cell electric vehicles. Come visit us at booth 219!
Russell Bosch is showing a natural gas reformer to customer.
NOVOROCS Technologies   
Catalytic Reforming Solutions 
Staff scientist Bianca Ballesty unveils the Fuel Processing Test Station
NOVOROCS Technologies introduces Fuel Processing Test Station at Annual NY-BEST Capture the Energy Conference in Albany, NY. Managing Director Arkady Malakhov, Technical Director Phillip Hutton, and Business Development Director Barry Watkins were in attendance for the unveiling along with other members of the Company team. The Fuel Processing Test Station is a laboratory device designed to meet the needs of researchers in both academic and industry settings. According to Dr. Hutton, “the test station product evolved as an embodiment of the many needs and frustrations expressed by our customers and from personal experience in the lab as a fuel cell researcher.” The new product is based on a flexible customization approach that can easily be tailored from a basic manually operated stand serving the needs of aspiring student scientists to a complete automated testing environment for research laboratories and corporate R&D facilities.
NOVOROCS Technologies makes a return to Hannover Messe in Germany to exhibit in the Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Batteries sector. The theme of the 2017 show, “Integrated Industry – Creating Value,” gave the Company a great opportunity to unveil its latest engineering effort with European group TeamFAST.
Novorocs Technologies showcased its new recuperative tailgas catalytic combustor. This device was designed for the development of the world’s first prototype fuel cell bus powered by Hydrozine, commonly known as formic acid. The technology is critical for the next generation of fuel cell automotive applications that recycles/converts unused hydrogen fuel in the exhaust stream directly into useful process heat without any harmful emissions associated with conventional combustion.
For more information on chemical recooperators and afterburners, visit our Products Page.
Managing Director Arkady Malakhov discusses NOVOROCS' products and research with Kenneth E. Hyatt, Acting Under Secretary for International Trade as Technical Director Dr. Phillip Hutton looks on.
NOVOROCS exhibits at the Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium
NOVOROCS Technologies displays latest advances in catalytic fuel processing at Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium. This year’s symposium topic of Balance of Plant (BoP) presents an excellent opportunity for NOVOROCS to explore gaps in the fuel cell industry’s supply chain in order to convert them into future market opportunities. The two day workshop covers all fuel cell types and applications.