NOVOROCS Technologies partners with TeamFAST to develop recuperative tail gas combuster for Hydrozine bus. TeamFAST is a multidisciplinary student group from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands dedicated to demonstrating the world’s first fuel cell bus operating on sustainable formic acid. NOVOROCS was selected by TeamFAST in a competitive bidding process to design, build, and test the recuperative combuster. The catalytic device is used to oxidize the unused fuel in the fuel cell anode exhaust gas and provides necessary thermal energy to power the onboard fuel reformer. Additional information about the TeamFAST project is available on the group’s website.
NOVOROCS Technologies delivers novel metal foam catalyst for NASA’s Mars exploration program. The metal foam catalyst was specially designed for NASA to maximize performance, lifetime, and robustness in conditions specific to deep space exploration. The NOVOROCS team served as a subcontractor to its parent company Solid Cell Inc, and provided the catalyst core and reactor for the reforming test station delivered to NASA – Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. The test station was developed to be paired with a 1.5 kW solid oxide fuel cell, which is currently under test at NASA as part of the agency’s manned Mars exploration program.
NOVOROCS exhibit: Managing Director Arkady Malakhov answers questions from Judy Reinke, Deputy Director, U.S. Department of Commerce and Dr.Sunita Satypal, Director, Fuel Cell Technology Office, U.S. Department of Energy
TeamFAST recuperative tailgas catalytic combustor converts anode tail gas to heat that is recycled back into the reformer
Pre-Reformer for FuelCell Energy under construction at NOVOROC's product developement facility
NOVOTROCS Technologies exhibits at Hannover Messe in Germany. The Company participated in the group exhibit for Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, and Batteries which brings together nearly 150 exhibitors from 20 different countries in one 5,000 m2 exhibition areas. Started in 1947, the Hannover Messe is the largest industrial fair in the world. Annually, it typically attracts approximately 6,500 exhibitors and over 200,000 attendees from around the globe. This year, the United States was the co-host country at President Barack Obama appeared jointly with his German counterpart Chancellor Angela Merkel to kick off the event. Additional photographs and videos from the event are available in the Media Gallery.

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NOVOROCS Technologies   
Catalytic Reforming Solutions 
NOVOROCS engineer makes final adjustments to catalytic reactor on NASA test station (Top)
Metal foam catalyst inserts for NASA catalytic reactor (Bottom)
NOVOROCS Technologies exhibits its fuel cell products at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Forum in Hartford, CT. The H2FC Forum is an event organized by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology in order to bring together key stakeholders in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.
Managing Director Arkady Malakhov discusses NOVOROCS' featured products with U.S. Department of Energy researcher
NOVOROCS Technologies delivers prototype pre-reformer to FuelCell Energy. The skid mounted natural gas pre-reformer with 500,000 BTU natural gas combustor is capable of delivering high-hydrogen content synthesis gas and hot air to a 100 kg per day hydrogen purification system. Part of the development efforts at NOVOROCS were supported by the New York State Energy Research Development Authority. Future plans for developing a commercial prototype several-fold larger in output are under consideration, as part of a future vision for distributed hydrogen production.